The R&D, follow the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and It’s taken care to collect the feedbacks of our technicians in order to select the best applicative solution for the resolution of a problem or the development of a new product.

The Know-How formulation system in to our concurs us possession to work with all the known lubricating bases and from the first years of activity we have already operated with vegetable origin bases . All bases we place side by side the most modern technologies as I use it of dwarf particles, PTFE, MVX and additives of our formulation in order to increase to E.P performances or water resistance.
This knowledge leaves us wide field of participation, being able to supply every requirement, ours fine last is to supply to the customer the best advising, the better produced, in order to diminish how many more possible maintenance costs.
Our laboratory of control takes care of the continuous monitoring of the raw materials, semi-finished ones, and finished product second rigid inner protocols of quality. The quality must be constant.