Protex A

Protective solvent with corrosion protection without film formation, with slow evaporation Application: CHAINS / PINS /JOINTS / COUPLINGS Code: F00014 Industrial sectors: METALWORKING AND STEEL REQUEST INFORMATION

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Bliz 1E

High refining solvent free from cyclic compounds, at average evaporation. Application: CHAINS / PINS /JOINTS / COUPLINGS Code: F00005 Industrial sectors: CONCRETE INDUSTRY / WOOD INDUSTRY / GLASS INDUSTRY /…

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GS 2122

Copper anti-slip paste for high temperature use. Application: CHAINS / PINS /JOINTS / COUPLINGS Code: G212 Industrial sectors: CONCRETE INDUSTRY / GLASS INDUSTRY / METALWORKING AND STEEL / ENERGY AND…

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Mav Oil LV Grease

Highly adhesive high viscosity semi-fluid lubricating grease with high EP power,  developed to form a lubricating pad on large guides and slides, for open gears or for systems with slow…

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GR 2121

Special mineral grease, coated with copper microparticles, has a high EP capacity, corrosion protection and active wear protection. Copper additive allows copper microdeposits in areas that are subject to wear,…

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Calcium Grease

CALCIUM GREASE is a high-quality mineral oil based fat, combined with the use of calcium stearate, increases the protection for mechanical parts subjected to high mechanical stress in high humidity…

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Lubricating grease with PTFE,  EP additivated with a high adhesive strength. Applicazione: PNEUMATIC Code: G104 Industrial sectors: CONCRETE INDUSTRY / PAPER INDUSTRY / PLASTIC INDUSTRY / GLASS INDUSTRY / METALWORKING…

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Lubricating grease, EP additivated and Anticorrosion with a high adhesiveness, developed for the lubrication of chains that work in harsh environments or high temperature Application: CHAINS Code: G102 Industrial sectors:…

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SR 100

Grease with EP additive mineral based, especially developed for the lubrication of presses for hot steel forging at the highest tonnage. Ideal for the lubrication of gibs, it has no…

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Mav Sint Bio 5

MAV SINT BIO 5 is a noble lubricating fluid Synthetic based biodegradable and renewable, with high corrosion resistance to UV rays and high temperatures, available in different viscosity according to…

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