Bliz 1E

High refining solvent free from cyclic compounds, at average evaporation. Application: CHAINS / PINS /JOINTS / COUPLINGS Code: F00005 Industrial sectors: CONCRETE INDUSTRY / WOOD INDUSTRY / GLASS INDUSTRY /…

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Calcium Grease

CALCIUM GREASE is a high-quality mineral oil based fat, combined with the use of calcium stearate, increases the protection for mechanical parts subjected to high mechanical stress in high humidity…

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Maverick Truck

Mineral based engine oil for heavy vehicles in luga or long percorrezza answer the most demanding specifications of manufacturers. Available in various shades with a distance of 80,000 km 120.000km…

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COSMOS is a wide range of fluids for transmissions and differentials both mineral base is synthetic. Developed with modern additives, allows long intervals of maintenance and optimum performance even in…

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Mav Oil LV AT

Fluid for transmissions formulated with the best highly refined and selected base stocks , with the addition of additives that make it optimal in systems where is needed resistance to…

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Mav Oil LV I

Fluid for hydraulic systems where oxidation resistance is required due to heat, avoiding the formation of sludge and increase in acidity. Excellent anti-wear properties. Application: PINS / JOINTS / COUPLINGS…

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MV LUB is an innovative lubricat fluid formulated with synthetic basestocks from renewable sources,  nano technology PTFE, specially developed for the lubrication and cleaning of mechanical equipment. Application: CHAINS / PINS / JOINTS…

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To Clean 111HF

Alkali based detergent and anionic and cationic surfactants for washing machines. Application: AUXILIARIES FOR PRODUCTION AND MAINTENANCE Code: F00024 Industrial sectors: CONCRETE INDUSTRY / WOOD INDUSTRY / PAPER INDUSTRY /…

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VOS 211 F

Alkaline detergent with high concentration, which can dissolve the most aggressive dirt, only for professional users. Application: AUXILIARIES FOR PRODUCTION AND MAINTENANCE Code: F00024 Industrial sectors: CONCRETE INDUSTRY / PAPER…

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Ice 1

Chlorinated calcium based flaky solution. Application: CHAINS / PINS / JOINTS / COUPLINGS Code: F00061 Industrial sector: ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT / RAILWAY / AGRICULTURE / EARTHMOVING MACHINE REQUEST INFORMATION

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