Apollo XI Gas

Additive specially developed for gas powered motors, to be added to the fuel to lubricate the valves. It improves car performance and eliminates problems associated with the use of gaseous…

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Apollo XI G

Additive for engine oil for plant-fueled cogeneration plants. Improve performance and reliability by reducing frictions and wasting performance. Application: GENERATOR Code: A114 Industrial sectors: ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT REQUEST INFORMATION

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Apollo XI 2T

Two-stroke engine additive developed to lower friction, reducing the wear of pistons and valves Application: ENGINE Code: A113 Industrial sectors: AUTOMOTIVE REQUEST INFORMATION

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Apollo XI R

Additive for transmissions and differentials to improve the EP performance and lower friction, migliroando performance and decreasing the oil temperature.   Application: GEARBOX AND DIFFERENTIALS Code: A112 Industrial sectors: AUTOMOTIVE /…

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Apollo XI

Additive for engine oil developed to improve EP performance and lower friction, leading to improved engine performance and lower fuel consumption. Applications: ENGINES Code: A111 Industrial sector: AUTOMOTIVES / EARTHMOVING…

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Apollo XI TT

Turbine oil additive developed to improve EP cracks and lower friction. Application: TURBINE Code: A110 Industrial sector: PAPER INDUSTRY / METALWORKING INDUSTRY AND STEEL / CONCRETE INDUSTRY REQUEST INFORMATION

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