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Masil spray lubricant

Masil is the spray lubricant formulated with pure silicone that guarantees impeccable lubrication, as well as strictly adhering to FDA H1 regulations for accidental contact with food. Compliance with this legislation is essential, as it ensures that the use of this lubricating spray does not compromise the quality of the food or pharmaceutical products treated, ensuring totally risk-free lubrication.

Masil is an extremely versatile spray lubricant because it effectively lubricates pins, joints, joints and bearings: its pure silicone formula allows you to penetrate and lubricate all the mechanical parts involved with precision, reducing friction and wear, ensuring optimal operation of industrial machinery.

The advantages of Masil lubricant spray

  • Pure silicone for high-quality lubrication
  • FDA H1 compliant for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Versatility in application on pins, joints, joints and bearings
  • Excellent lubricating properties to separate components or materials without damage
  • Improves the smoothness and smoothness of mechanical movements, reducing wear and maintenance costs
  • Packaged in aerosol can, conditioned with carbon dioxide


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Pins, Junctions, Joints, Bearings

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