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Lubricating grease Mav Sint Grease HTX

Mav Sint Grease HTX is the fully synthetic lubricating grease, carefully formulated and enriched with Boron Nitride and EP additives, which offers exceptional wear and corrosion protection. Mav Sint Grease HTX is suitable for use in the food industries, especially for long lubrication intervals or in cooking ovens, and is NSF H1 certified. Thanks to the addition of Boron Nitride and EP additives, our lubricating grease offers excellent protection against wear and tear of moving surfaces. It reduces friction, extends equipment life and ensures reliable operation.

The advanced formulation of our synthetic lubricating grease provides high corrosion protection: lubricated surfaces are protected from corrosive agents, preserving the integrity of the equipment and ensuring a longer life of the machinery. Thanks to its long-lasting lubricating properties, Mav Sint Grease HTX is particularly suitable for long lubrication intervals: this reduces the frequency of maintenance and increases overall operational efficiency. Our fully synthetic lubricating grease can be used safely in cooking ovens: its resistance to high temperatures and its thermal stability, in fact, allow reliable lubrication even in high temperature environments, ensuring uniform and safe cooking of food. Our lubricating grease is certified according to the strict NSF H1 standards, which confirm its suitability for use in the food industries.

The advantages of Mav Sint Grease HTX lubricating grease

  • Excellent wear protection
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Suitable for long lubrication intervals
  • Suitable for cooking ovens
  • NSF H1 Certification

Product details


Pins, Junctions, Joints, Bearings


NLGI: 00 to 2

Usage temperature

-40° to +300°C

Product code


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