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Lubricating additive for engine oil Apollo XI G

Apollo XI G is MAV Chemical’s engine oil additive designed specifically for cogeneration plants powered by vegetable oil.

In cogeneration systems that use vegetable oil as fuel, internal friction can be a concern for proper functioning: Apollo XI G was developed to minimize these frictions inside the engine, ensuring smoother operation and greater system efficiency. This translates into a reduction in energy consumption and increased energy production by the cogeneration plant.

One of the key aspects of using vegetable oil as a fuel is the need to mantenere il motore in condizioni ottimalias this type of fuel can cause more deposits and residues to build up inside the engine: Apollo XI G helps the engine clean and prevent deposit build-up, protecting mechanical parts and extending their service life.

Apollo XI G represents an ecological choice for cogeneration plants powered by vegetable oil, since its advanced formulation allows to optimize the efficiency of the system, reducing the emission of harmful gases into the environment.

The advantages of the Apollo XI G lubricant additive

  • Reduces internal engine friction
  • Keeps the engine clean and prevents deposit build-up
  • Optimize the efficiency of your cogeneration system
  • Reduces plant maintenance costs
  • Reduces the emission of harmful gases into the environment

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