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A wide range of lubricants for every industrial sector

Discover all MAV Chemical lubricants: greases, oils, pastes, aerosols, solvents and additives to meet any need, in any industrial sector. A complete range of lubricants, but also customized solutions based on specific needs. Ready-to-use lubricants and customized products: MAV Chemical offers only the highest quality products, lubricants that allow you to obtain optimal performance and maximize the efficiency of machinery in any industrial sector.

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Spray lubricants formulated with high performance oils and special additives, for precise and long-lasting lubrication of machinery.


Lubricating pastes to protect machinery from friction and oxidation. Stable in load and temperature, they resist water, corrosion and humidity.


Lubricating solvents for cleaning and lubricating pins, joints, joints, bearings. They reduce friction and optimize the useful life of machinery.


Additives for engine oil, gearboxes and differentials for superior lubrication of machines. They reduce friction and wear of mechanical parts.


Lubricating greases for the lubrication of pins, joints, joints, bearings, presses, chains and gears of machinery in various industrial sectors.


Lubricating oils to reduce friction and wear of moving mechanical parts and to promote prolonged operation of machinery.


MAV Bio is the line of lubricants for machinery and industrial components made with biodegradable and renewable bases, respecting the environment.

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