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Industrial sectors

The industrial sectors in which our lubricants are used

We manufacture lubricants for machinery and components in all industrial sectors, guaranteeing lubrication solutions suitable for different applications. We are specialized in the production of ready-to-use lubricants, but we also offer the possibility of customizing our formulations to meet specific needs.

Discover the different industrial sectors in which our lubricants are used.


Lubricants for electric traction machines and for the armament of trains officially approved by the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.a., Ferrovie dello Stato group.


Lubricants for machinery and components used in the construction industry formulated to ensure high performance and effective protection in extreme working conditions.

and food industry

High-quality lubricants for machinery and components that meet the highest standards for hygiene, cleanliness and regulatory compliance.


Lubricants for the automotive, metalworking and steel industries, designed to reduce friction, prevent tool wear and improve the quality of workmanship.


Lubricants for the paper, ceramic, plastic, wood, glass and textile industries, for correct machine operation.