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General purchase conditions

For the purposes of Articles, 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code the contracting parties declare to specifically accept the provisions of the following articles:

Article I. Deadlines set forth in this Order must therefore be regarded as essential the supplier’s failure to comply with those terms, even just one part of the order, will give us the right to resolve any time, in whole or in part l ‘ order with the supplier’s obligation to pay compensation for any damage. The delivery of the materials made with anticipated terms not required will be considered, in effect, as occurred in the terms established.

Article II. The supplier is obliged to state the number of this order on the delivery note and invoice. The package cost for transportation and any insurance on the content borne by the supplier, on which so weigh all the costs and all the risks involved. Any excess of the quantities ordered, will be rejected by us at the supplier’s expense, unless it is expressly agreed in the order in excess limits. Any quantitative differences will still be given notice in writing to the supplier and to our detriment if the supplier will issue regular note of credit for the difference.

Article III. The price stipulated in the order shall be considered accepted by the supplier and are absolutely invariable despite any event, subject to express exceptions, agreed between the parties, or contained in the order.

Article IV. The delivered material will not be accepted if it has not first been checked by our Quality Control office or without a quality control certificate. Where the ordering supply object in whole or in part is found to be exactly satisfying the conditions stipulated or to the sample or in any manner for the same sample, so on arrival in our factory which further during the processing or during end use, our faculty will reject it, by giving notice within 90 days was recorded, and considered finished the contract due to the fault of the supplier, subject always to our right to compensation for any damage that they were derived. In the case in which the order was agreed pervious supply of a sample to be approved, and this does not respond for any reason, to our needs, our faculty will always terminate the contract; In this case you will not be charged more by the supplier for these samples or equipment prepared by the supplier, nor any damage.

Article V. Any clause contained in this order, both specific and general, are absolutely binding for the supplier, unless expressly otherwise agreed in the order. In any case, except for the above, the acceptance of order derogation by supplier involves the automatic inapplicability of all the different conditions indicated by the supplier in the delivery note, the invoice, or in any other document.

Article VI. If paying with treats or bank receipt, we accept only dates later this month on the bank indicated by us. No charges will be recognized for stamp duty and / or issue.

Article VII. The credit arising from the execution of this order can not be transferred or delegated.

Article VIII. For any dispute in the interpretation, execution, or termination of this order, or for any other reason related to the provision, the defendant has the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Novara.

Article IX. This order confirmation must be returned signed for acceptance within 3 working days from the date indicated, otherwise deem the same tacitly accepted.

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